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We have 15+ years of industry experience

We have been around for awhile. HOOKUP is older than the iPhone.

We guarantee to erase ALL of your data.

We take multiple steps to ensure your data is 100% erased.

We purchase 24 hours a day!

Our website is automated and updated daily. You can always find the best rates here.

Some questions you may have

    We buy iPhones (6s and Up) iPads, Apple Watches, Samsung Galaxy (S5 and Up), and Samsung Galaxy Note (Note 2 and Up),

   Unfortunately, like all technology, the value will go down over time, especially as newer models are released. However we do our best to payout the highest possible price on all models :)

Visit sickw.com, swappa.com or your phone carriers website to check your imei. We will accept your phone even if imei is blacklisted but this may affect your payout.